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Washington is one of the most diverse and beautiful states in the union. This Evergreen State has five active volcanoes which is 1/4 of the total volcanoes in the lower 48 states. The tallest is Mt Rainier which is less than 65 miles from the city of Seattle. This green state boasts one of the most musical hotspots of the early 90's, spawning the infamous Nirvana who is credited as starting the grunge rock scene. Bruce lee and son Brandon Lee are buried in Seattle, as well as Jimmy Hendrix in the city of Renton which is located south of Seattle. In the center of the state there is an area known as the Palm Springs of the Pacific Northwest. Washington is home to several tech industry giants such as Amazon, Microsoft, and the online retailers Zulilly, Expedia, Zillow real estate. The dreary damp winter give way to gorgeous summers that are full of endless sun. Come visit and see what this beautiful landscape has to offer for you.

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This Seattle site offers resources on the region and the surrounding areas. Find great lodging, nightlife, and events within the city of Seattle. Neighborhood and property information, recreation, and culture. Explore Seattle and find out what this great city has to offer you.

The state of Washington has many different outdoor attractions to offer you. The state parks website is the perfect portal to use when it comes to exploring where to begin and what activities to participate in. Hiking, boating, camping, and fishing is all part of the Washington day.

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